A metal wallet ? That's gonna be heavy and uncomfortable isn't it ?

Probably the biggest misconception of the SCUDO wallet is that is will be heavy and cumbersome being machined from aluminum. To the contrary, it is very light and feels extremely comfortable in your front or back pocket. ( Most of our cusotmers carry in their front pockets )

The SCUDO vector weighs as little as 3.2 ounces and is constructed of 6061 aluminum, stainless steel, delrin, and carbon fiber.

Even with all the options ( money clip, lanyard pin etc. ) it still weighs only a liitle over 4 ounces!!

Very compact design makes the SCUDO almost unnoticable in your front pocket. Many of our cusotmers have remarked that it is much less noticable than their phone.

Are these wallets made in the U.S.A. ?

EVERY product MGW offers is made exclusively at our 15,000 square foot CNC manufacturing facility in Augusta, GA. and the SCUDO is no exception.

Nothing on the wallet is cast or molded. Every component is CNC machined and aluminum surfaces are Type 3 hardcoat anodized for extreme wearability and scratch resistance. Custom lid designs are lasered deep into the surface with our in house 70 watt lasers. This wallet is built to truly last a lifetime.

Can I request a custom logo or design on my SCUDO?

We do offer custom design services but require a minimum order quantity in order to cover design and setup costs. To inquire, please email us or call 706-793-1770 forc details. We would love to make your vision a reality.

Please also note that we will not offer ANY lasered images orl ogos that are licensed unless you own the rights to them.

Do they offer RFID protection ?

There are numerous design options for the SCUDO vector and several do offer full RFID protection.

However, we also offer versions that will allow secure door and pass key cards etc to be read as well as full open face designs that allow you to display a work / clearance credential or a simple driver's license or student I.D.