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SCUDO 4.0 is now officially sold out, however, we have plenty of SWITCH plates and accessories in the store that WILL be compatible with 5.0 which is set to launch in August 2021. We also have a few misc. lids and bases still left for 4.0. If you would like to inquire about what is available, please call sales at 706-793-1770.

The  SCUDO SWITCH wallets are CNC machined modular wallet systems that allow you to customize and "switch" up the look of your personal wallet without having to spend money on a whole new wallet. The unique patent pending lid design features a window frame mounting that accepts our SWITCH cards in various colors, materials, and logos. We will always be introducing new designs and colors as well, so you will never grow tired of the look and it will never go out of style. Bases are also available in different styles and the SCUDO wallet has several accessory options to fit your personal needs from money clips to lanyard kits. Truly the most versatile wallet.

To build a complete SCUDO, you simply choose a lid design, ( either the SWITCH lid if you want to "switch" out the inserts on the face or a 1 piece solid lid like the CLASSIC or one of the CERAKOTE editions ) in either BLACK or LIGHT GREY and then choose a style base. We have different types of bases and lids. Read below for a breakdown of each base  and lid style . 


You can either choose the SWITCH LID which allows you to mount any of the deep etched, colored anodized, carbon fiber, or lexan switch cards, or opt for the CLASSIC lid. The CLASSIC is a solid 1 piece lid with subtle SCUDO branding for a simple elegant look. We also have a limited inventory left of deep etched 1 piece lids which some are even custom CERAKOTED. One piece lids are not compatible with SWITCH cards. 



STANDARD - The standard current design that has holes pre drilled to accept a money clip. Can use the lanyard kit with this base. Our wallets are classed as RFID limited in that they will shield RFID from several feet but also allow very close contact reading for door keys and security passes.


ULTRALIGHT - We take a STANDARD base and mill out lightening holes and slots in the back to reduce weight. Please be aware that this does affect the RFID ability. Pre drilled for money clip and compatible with lanyard kit. 


Customer Service:

(706) 793-1770